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Tri-City Collective, LLC was founded in 2016 by seasoned educators with a commitment to diversity, inclusion and providing learning & artistic opportunities outside the classroom for youth and adults.


The Collective’s work is driven by a passion for social justice and creative expression, with the understanding that every human has thoughts worth listening to and should have access to platforms to be heard. The Collective believes that listening is perhaps the greatest attribute one can possess, and that the world would be a better place if we took the time to hear one another.

The Collective’s diverse membership reflects the world we want to create.

Tri-City Collective engages in the “idea business.” Education, understanding and respect are at the core of Tri-City Collective projects. The Collective works with many partnering organizations, including: Tulsa Public Schools, Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook Museum, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Public Radio Tulsa and more.

The three cities for which the Collective is named are Chicago, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Tulsa is the headquarters for Tri-City Collective.

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